John Gomez Hour Of Power

No, I am not here writing about Bobby Schuller’s evangelical television program, ‘The Hour of Power’. But rather, I write to suggest that the first hour of your day is by far the most important, and sets the tone for all that follows. I also share here my morning routine. I do so hoping to inspire one or more of you that perhaps to become happier and more productive as a result.

Much has been written on the importance of the first waking moments of your day. Do a google search and you will find lots of information, articles and examples. Tony Robbins, the acclaimed motivator, suggests setting up an “Hour of Power,” “30 Minutes to Thrive,” or at least “Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment.” Maybe we all don’t need or have an hour. But I do strongly believe that setting time aside EVERY MORNING FIRST THING for some form of self-reflection will change your life immensely for the better. It absolutely has worked for me.

I strongly believe that setting time aside every morning first thing for some form of self-reflection will change your life immensely for the better.

My EVERY morning routine has four steps: 1. Meditation; 2. Prayer; 3. Scripture; 4. Plan.   Okay, I admit it. Even before I meditate, I brew a beautiful cup of coffee and begin to enjoy it, so maybe there are five steps in all. I tend to get up early. I sometimes box at 5am and when I am in trial, often get up before 4. Regardless I ALWAYS plan and make time for my morning routine.

Benjamin Franklin better expressed the virtues of getting up early than I ever could and that is not the topic I write about here. Because, however, my Hour of Power almost always occurs before 6 in the morning, I can’t help but set the stage for my personal routine with that in mind. It is quiet and still at those hours. Machinery and cars and people and noise have not really begun to bumble their way through the day. I am largely alone. I walk to the kitchen to brew my coffee and look out at a still bay. The smells of the day, so subtle, have not set in either. And so that rich, wonderful, warm coffee smell embraces me strongly even before I bring it to my nose and mouth for that first joyful sip.

Meditation comes next. I sometimes turn on some very soft music. Sometimes not. I sit on my couch, breathe deeply and shut my eyes. I become aware of my contact points, scan my body, and focus on breath. Of course, thoughts arise but I simply observe them as they come and go like I would clouds in the sky. Many have written on the power of meditation and there are experts far more knowledgeable than me. I can only say it absolutely has changed my mind and life. Doing it the very first thing in the morning EVERY MORNING is essential for my success and well-being. I sometimes lose a little sleep to make time but meditation provides me far more energy and vitality throughout the day. And that energy and vitality come with a clear and focused mind. For a super accessible and easy way to begin meditation check out

Doing meditation the very first thing in the morning every morning is essential for my success and well-being.

Meditation makes my next step, prayer, easy and natural. My prayers always begin with gratitude. I am blessed in every part of my life and I joyfully express that. I then pray and ask for much for many. Mostly I ask for God’s guidance and presence in everything I do. We talk about when I have lost faith and how He has loved me through all. I feel His love and know that life is best on His terms in His time. I faithfully believe that my prayers change lives of those in need every day.

Third is scripture. I read the Bible every day. Most days, I read what my church, The Rock Church, sends me to read. There are lots of Bible reading plans like this and make study relatively easy. Other days, I am particularly interested in a certain topic, or lesson or verse and pull out my personal Bible to dig in deeper.

Fourth and finally, I plan. By this time, my mind is quiet and still, but awake, ready and inspired. I think about the 3-4 big things I want to accomplish that day. I write them down in large font and print them out. I will place that page in a highly visible location to keep my focused and on track that day.

So that’s my Hour of Power. Maybe you have your own. If so, reply below so we all can learn. If you don’t though, I hope this inspires you to set aside powerful, focused time for yourself every day first thing. In fact, I will add that to my prayers in step 2. Have an awesome day! I know I will!