We Are All Human

I wonder if America has ever been so divided. It seems like we argue and fight and disagree over virtually everything these days. We all seem to either hate or love our President. And we hate each other if we disagree. We seem to either think that racism is systemic or a convenient excuse. And hate those that disagree. We seem to think that Covid is real and scary and personal; or that it’s really not a big deal. And hate those that disagree. And I suppose the list could go on.

It’s sad that there isn’t much to bring us together these days. Lots of places we go and things we do as communities aren’t available to us because of closures. Sports are one example. We all form a “tribe” when we gather to cheer on our favorite team. And we don’t ask for political or other opinions. There’s just hugs and high fives all around. School is probably another example. We all just want to be great parents and meet other great parents. Who cares what your politics are? We just all want what’s best for the kids.

The list goes on and on. Church. A concert. Celebrating holidays. Even trials. We all show up as jurors, and we all come from very different places and perspectives. But we are all there to do a job. We are given a case, and we all need to come together to figure out what answer justice requires. I get to watch that happen from the other side. As the trial lawyer.

I represent people who have been hurt or who have lost family members. They often can’t work. Their family has often suffered harm. They often can’t enjoy doing the things they once did. And so, in the end, I will usually be asking the jury to value things like family, the ability to work, pride, dignity, and independence. The funny thing is that those things aren’t important to only Republicans or Democrats. They aren’t important only to black people or white people. They are essential to all of us. That’s why it’s a beautiful thing to see 12 people from completely different backgrounds come together to speak in one unified voice. And I get to do that in virtually every case I try.

Unfortunately, and with Covid, I can’t try cases to juries right now. And I can’t physically go to church. Or to a concert. Or a college football game. Or even to watch my kids play soccer. And I know lots of you can’t either. I sure am looking forward to the day when we can all come together again. To celebrate and enjoy the things that really matter to us. In the end, I think the differences between us pale in comparison to what we share. Soon we will be together again. And hopefully, we will forget about the silly things we fight about now. Until that time comes, let’s remember that we are all human beings and all God’s children. And treat each other exactly the way we would want to be treated. If we all do that, we will all be much happier and healthier every day.

Thanks for reading my humanity story!