Baby Jolie!


On May 19, I was the proud father to three great kids.   My first born son, JD, was 15.   JD loves horses, traveling and learning about different cultures.   He is a very talented equestrian athlete with dreams of competing in the Olympics.    He is a sweet and caring boy who is always kind to others.

Michael, my second boy, was 13.   Michael loves sports of every kind and is a very talented natural athlete.   Michael also loves languages and animals and is sweet and sensitive too.

Analise, his twin, was also 13.   She is a standout athlete, student and social leader.   She is smart, hardworking and funny as well.   All three are just awesome kids.

And then, on May 20, I was the father to four!   Baby Jolie came into the world that day.    She is the cutest, happiest, smartest and prettiest little baby in the whole world.   Her big brothers and sister adore her and she loves them back.

I am loving being a new dad.   I feel like I have worked hard to be a great father to all of my kids.   I coached them all in sports, almost never missed a game, included them whenever I could and traveled the world with them.    One small regret I have though is not spending much time around them when they were babies.    At that stage of my career, I was working constantly and didn’t have the control over my schedule that I do now.

And so this time around, I am slowing down a little more for baby time.   Don’t get me wrong.   Leah is still doing the overwhelming amount of the work.    But I like to hold her, smell her, play with her and spend quiet time with her.

 I think she will be smart, and strong, and kind as she grows up.   Her mother is all those things and her big sister is too.   I love being a new dad.   It re-energizes me to be healthy, work hard, and be great for my family.   It’s awesome to be a Dad to 4 great kids.    And I’m happy to do all the fun little kid things again.    It’s an amazing thing to be with a child when they experience new things for the first time.   I’m super blessed to be able to enjoy those experience again.