John Gomez Prayer Group

At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we have a fairly large group of very diverse employees. Some I know are religious. Some I suspect are not. Some I know are not. Still, as the leader of my firm, I thought it would be neat to offer a short prayer meeting at the beginning of the week to set intentions for the week. I knew many would not be interested. However, I wanted to make the meeting available for those who were. And so, I began holding the meeting a year ago or so. I hold it on Monday mornings at 9. All who wish to attend are welcome. Of course, I do not pressure any one at all either way.

And so, I write today to share my experiences and lessons.

First, those who attend seem to like it. They thank me for it and mention it in positive terms from time to time. We keep it short – usually no more than 15 minutes or so. We go around the group and check in. Then we pray as a group to give thanks, for those people or issues needing prayer, and for the firm and our clients. I know that I feel very recharged and those that attend seem to also.

Second . . . I learn some lessons myself. Most people seeking prayer seek it not for themselves, but for someone else. And the vast majority of “issues” involve health. That is; someone’s health is suffering and the person seeks prayer for that person. That really reminds me of perspective. We all are familiar with sayings like, “Without health, you have nothing,” but maybe we sometimes take health for granted. People come to the group with things they care about most. And they ask for prayers for health more than anything else. I am blessed with good health and my children, and the people I care about, are healthy too. Being part of the group reminds me to be thankful for that very simple yet very important blessing.

Third, I feel like our prayers have been answered. We pray for the firm and our clients, and we continue to be blessed with success. We have prayed for spouses and families and those prayers too have been answered. We pray for blessings for our little group and our group continues to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Prayer is a very big part of my personal life. And so, as the leader of Gomez Trial Attorneys, I am happy to share it with those that ask to share. I really feel like they need it most. And I feel blessed to have the opportunity as a business leader to share what comforts me with them. Thanks for reading my prayer group story.