Attorney John Gomez Trial Attorneys Core Values

I believe very strongly in the power of pause and reflection. For that reason, I cherish the often-quiet time between Christmas and New Year as a time to set goals, resolutions and aspirations. I invariably set goals for myself and Gomez Trial Attorneys. This year, however, inspired by my good friends at Hughes Marino, who do an outstanding job of placing values and culture at the center of everything they do, I instead here will affirm in writing Gomez Trial Attorneys’ Core Values. My firm belief is that, if these values define everything we do, any monetary, performance or other “goal” will take care of itself.

And so, what follows are Gomez Trial Attorneys’ ten core values which will define us in 2018:

1. We Always Do the Right Thing

Whether it is dealing with clients, colleagues, employees or anyone else, we choose always to do the right thing. We never forsake character or morals for money or short-term gains. We conduct ourselves at all times as if our kids, or parents, or God is watching (some of us know He is).

2. We Are the Best in Everything We Do

We recruit, train and expect excellence in everything we do. Being the very best, whether it’s our trial attorneys, front desk, intakes team or mass torts paralegals; that’s what we strive to be.

Whether it is dealing with clients, colleagues, employees or anyone else, we choose always to do the right thing.

3. We Try Cases to Juries

I have often said that the “one thing” that defines us is our capability and willingness to try cases to juries. And we do not just try “easy” or “slam dunk” cases. We try any case that needs trying. Most of our lawyers try many cases every single year. Because of that record and willingness, our clients get paid more even when we don’t try their cases.

4. We Know That Customer Service Matters

While law is a professional service, and we know that we will likely obtain more money for our clients in the end than any of our competitors, we also know that customer service counts. For those reasons, we never stop working hard to improve the customer experience. We communicate clearly, complete work quickly, and agree and understand that the client is “always right.”

We believe that Gomez trial Attorneys is simply an instrument that allows us to do lots and lots of good for many, many people.

5. We Improve Our Communities

Many of our cases are “cause” cases. We take them largely because we believe that doing so will cause positive social change. We also commit enormous time and money to charitable and social causes. We believe that Gomez trial Attorneys is simply an instrument that allows us to do lots and lots of good for many, many people.

6. We Never Stop Learning

In law, we never stop attending seminars, workshops and working with the greatest trial lawyers in the country. We believe that we must be better every single day and that that process never stops. We encourage personal growth and learning through inspirational speakers, field trips, and by funding employee courses and lessons outside the law.

7. We Practice All for One and One for All

We always support each other 100% in every single thing we do. We always help and encourage each other. We act kindly towards our team mates and discuss them publicly the same way we would our own family.

8. We Put Family First

The health, well-being and happiness of our families and the people we love comes first.   Our workplace and hours are flexible and always allow team members to take care of the people that matter most to them.

9. We Reward Loyalty

We reward our long-term employees and encourage them to remain with us through monetary and other incentives. We also reward loyal colleagues, referral partners and legal vendors that have contributed greatly to our success over the past 12 years.

10. We Have Fun

We believe that work should be fun. We always endeavor to create a happy, positive work environment. Our workspace is intentionally open, modern and colorful, with stunning and uplifting views. We also gather frequently to celebrate just about anything or just to hang out as a team. You should feel that energy when you visit us. We really do all like each other and love working together. Happy team members are happy to take care of our happy clients. Fun matters.

So those are our ten. At the end of the year, I will circle back to you and report how we did. Maybe you don’t have a law firm. I believe you still can derive tremendous value from putting in writing the ten core values of your business. Or maybe you don’t even have a business. Wouldn’t writing down the ten values that matter most to you as a human being provide you an incredible road map for everything you do in 2018? Maybe it’s just me, but that process sure seems a lot more valuable than something relatively thoughtless like, “I’m going to go to the gym more,” or “I’m going to drink less soda.” Regardless, Happy New Year. Many of us struggled a bit in 2017 but my hopes and prayers for you all are that 2018 is your best year yet. See you then.