Attorney John Gomez Unity Divided Nation

I feel compelled to share my views on unity in a divided nation. I’m not sure I can remember a time when our nation felt so divided. Friendships ended and families feuded over who to vote for. Our newly elected President wants to build a wall. The travel ban applies to some but not all of us. In response, some of us protest. Others riot. People unabashedly call each other names. Some even use racial slurs. It suddenly seems acceptable to do so.

That’s too bad. I was at church the other day. There was an “altar call” at the end of the service. Our pastor stopped to point out that, among those that stepped forward, were every race, every color and every type of believer imaginable. “Faith”, he told us, unites us all.

I’m really glad we get to help all kinds of people through our law firm as well. Human loss, like faith, is universal. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or another religion. Losing a family member is devastating. It doesn’t matter what color or religion you are, we all want to be healthy and enjoy our lives. Whether you voted for our President or didn’t, nobody wants to go through the agony and uncertainty of an event that results in a severe injury.

Health, family, independence. We all want it all those things. I continue to believe that more things bring us together than tear us apart. All are welcome here.