John Gomez Gomez Trial Attorneys

As Gomez Trial Attorneys approach our tenth year as a law firm, I reflect upon our founding principles and core values. I opened the firm in 2005 with three files, a folding table, and one employee. Today, our firm employs more than 40 amazing professionals and represents thousands of consumers and families nationally. People sometimes ask me why we have grown so much or how I envision our practice in the future. And so, I write this column to share my thoughts regarding those questions.

Committed to our Clients and Our Community

The answer begins with my personal philosophy. It’s simple. I believe that I have a profound responsibility as a lawyer and human being to improve as many people’s lives as I possibly can. I do not do my job for money or prestige or power or fame. I believe that God has blessed me abundantly and feel that, in turn, I have a responsibility to improve lives. I start with the people that work for us. We endeavor to provide each of our attorneys and professionals with excellent compensation, benefits, security and workplace affirmation. We stress collegiality, collaboration and creativity. We host inspirational speakers, have firm “field trips,” provide loyalty bonuses and trips and otherwise attempt to make our firm a home for life for everyone that works for us. By employing more great people, we improve more lives.

My vision for us and the future: To keep improving as many lives as we possibly can. Through law. Through our team. As human beings first.

As Gomez Trial Attorneys grow as a firm, the number of clients we serve also grows. Particularly in the mass and class arenas, we now help thousands of consumers. This too was a purposeful decision. While we can dramatically improve the lives of families and deter misconduct in single injury cases, I believe the “reach” and impact of our work expands dramatically when we help more human beings, and particularly, in our fights against dangerous drugs and medical devices, and toxic polluters. By helping more great people, we improve more lives.

Finally, we endeavor to make a huge impact in our communities as human beings through charitable, philanthropic and social cause efforts. Our employees all have family and friends. Many of them join us at our charitable events and standing for the causes we believe in. We work hard as a community here to promote gender equality, equal rights for all, including our LGBT community, to help kids at risk, brain injury survivors and our homeless and forgotten. We fight hard for a clean earth, to end cancer and other diseases and to improve safety, education and social justice. When I founded my firm, I envisioned that sort of impact. I wanted us not only to be lawyers but true community and global difference makers. I am very proud to say that we have become just that. By leading in our community, we improve more lives.

My vision for Gomez Trial Attorneys and the future: To keep improving as many lives as we possibly can. Through law. Through our team. As human beings first.